Our Firm

JPWALL Malaysia

JPWALL is the largest independent actuarial consulting firm in Asia - and the most unique.

Our Story

JPWALL was founded in 2007 by Jeremy Wall with a vision of bringing together the region's best and most respected actuaries. To deliver outstanding service, professional excellence - and the highest level of technical and practical advice to clients.

Starting with a small 2 person office in Malaysia, JPWALL Malaysia quickly grew to be the largest provider of actuarial consulting services to general insurers in Malaysia and within a year had a team of 10 local professional staff - moving office 3 times to cope with the growth.

Later that year, JPWALL Singapore was launched and has since grown to be the premier provider of actuarial consulting services to general insurers in Singapore.

JPWALL Thailand launched in 2011, quickly becoming the number one provider of actuarial consulting services to local insurers.

JPWALL Philippines launched in October 2015 and provides actuarial consulting and software solutions to local insurance companies.

JPWALL UAE launched in 2020 with a very experienced senior team focused on providing actuarial and accounting support to local and regional insurers, with a particular focus on IFRS 17 consulting and software support.

The JPWALL team is very highly regarded and respected by clients and peers, having grown over the years to include the region's best and most experienced actuaries - true to our vision.


JPWALL is truly independent. Clients are dealing with actuaries who care deeply about the insurance industry and the success of our clients and our firm.

We invest heavily in local insurance industries by opening local offices, training local staff and bringing international excellence to our clients and the industry in general. We have a deep understanding and appreciation of local market practices, customs and industry experience.

We operate with the highest level of professionalism and technical excellence, leading the way with innovative actuarial methods and efficient processes. Our 10 page JPWALL Business Principles internal document states very clearly how we conduct ourselves and the expectations that we have for each other - which are very high.

We truly are a One Firm Firm, without any internal borders. There is no cross charging of revenues, fees, salaries or expenses between any of our offices. In fact, we don't even use timesheets and never have. When a client or colleague needs support, the only question asked is, "what needs to be done and how can we achieve this as quickly and effectively as possible". The entire JPWALL team pulls together for the common good. This is especially true for urgent client requests as well as new offices where we combine all available resources to deliver what needs to be done - quickly.

And our culture - which has been formed from the above and the outstanding individuals that have chosen to spend their careers at JPWALL. The most outstanding and dedicated team of actuarial professionals - anywhere in Asia.