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M&A Experience

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JPWALL are the leading experts in Asia advising General Insurers on Partner Identification, Valuation Advice and Due Diligence support, having worked on over 100 appraisal valuations across Asia Pacific.

Whether acquiring or divesting, we assist with each phase of the transaction, bringing buyers and sellers together, establishing valuation expectations and conducting transaction due diligence.

Partner Identification

JPWALL supports in developing strategies that maximise transaction benefits:

  • Specifying objectives and identifying potential partners that fit desired criteria
  • Quantifying potential outcomes from proceeding with each partner
  • Arranging and conducting discussions for the purpose of negotiation

Valuation Advice

JPWALL combines actuarial expertise with detailed local knowledge to assess:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the appraised company
  • Sensitivity analyses and assessment of various scenarios and risks
  • How to extract maximum value from each transaction

Due Diligence Support

JPWALL is the leading actuarial advisor on general insurance transaction due diligence:

  • Assessing the adequacy of insurance reserves
  • Projecting future cash flows and,
  • Determining the Appraisal Value of the company