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Excellence in actuarial & management reporting

Market leading actuarial and management software for general insurers

Management dashboards

View every imaginable graph by class: yearly, quarterly or monthly

Export customised reports to Powerpoint

Customise management and board reports, automatically export to Powerpoint

Over 100 graphs to choose from

Automatically export management dashboards to Powerpoint


  • Transaction data import & auto convert to triangles
  • Internal risk margin calculations, results & graphs
  • 10 of the most widely used actuarial methods
  • Extensive management dashboards & customised board reports
  • Full audit trail, audit log & high security features
  • Automated actuarial processes & management reporting
  • Database link of previous valuations, gross & net
  • Export to Excel, PDF or Powerpoint
  • and many, many more features...

Over 50 users in more than 10 countries

JPWALL PROFESSIONAL is the leading actuarial and management reporting software for general insurers.

JPWALL PROFESSIONAL automates actuarial processes and management reports, resulting in significant gains in efficiency for insurers.

Trusted by insurers, JPWALL PROFESSIONAL allows CEO's to easily:

  • streamline actuarial process, reducing time and cost
  • monitor actuarial results and profitability
  • create customised management reports

With over 50 users in more than 10 countries, JPWALL PROFESSIONAL is the fastest growing actuarial & management software for general insurers.