General Insurance

  • JPWALL is the largest & most experienced team in Asia.
  • Over 100 M&A assignments completed throughout Asia Pacific
  • More than 50 reserving clients, both insurers and reinsurers
  • Industry-wide Motor and Fire tariffs and GLM pricing models for direct insurers
  • RBC, Stress Testing and DFA capital models built for insurers and reinsurers
  • Sophisticated modeling to optimise company's reinsurance programmes

More details on our general insurance experience are detailed below:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Reserving and RBC
  • Product Pricing and Premium Rating
  • Capital Modelling
  • Reinsurance Optimisation

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our consultants have completed over 100 M&A assignments, with roles including:

  • Lead advisor on small, medium and large merger and capital raising projects
  • Due diligence support including appraisal valuation advice and data room support
  • Determining prospective companies for M&A activity
  • Connecting buyers and sellers on both cross border and domestic deals

Some examples of M&A assignments completed:

  • Bringing together foreign buyers and local sellers in multiple successful transactions
  • Advising buyers on acquisition targets, arranging meetings, valuation and negotiation advice
  • Leading multiple merger discussions for insurers seeking license approvals in new markets
  • Preparation of strategic feasibility studies and detailed business plans
  • Appraisal valuations of over 100 general insurers and reinsurers across Asia-Pacific

Reserving and RBC

JPWALL is the largest provider of actuarial reserving certifications across Asia Pacific. Our consultants have been instrumental in the development of techniques for determining reserves and establishing appropriate risk margins for RBC, which are now widely used in the region by both clients and other consultants. We are the most efficient and experienced reserving actuaries in the region.

Product Pricing and Premium Rating

JPWALL is very experienced in the pricing of general insurance business, using both traditional premium rating techniques as well as the more sophisticated techniques such as generalised linear modelling (GLM). We have completed more GLM assignments than any other firm in Asia.

Our consultants experience includes completion of the following:

  • Thailand Industry-wide Motor & Fire Tariffs
  • Malaysian Industry-wide Motor Tariff, including updates and calibrations
  • Hong Kong Industry-wide Employee's Compensation Pricing Models
  • Fire Insurance Rating Models with Real-Time Interfaces for large insurers
  • Health, Medical & Personal Accident Product Pricing for a large number of Asia Pacific Insurers
  • Stochastic Pricing Models for large Hong Kong Insurers
  • Points-based Motor Rating Models for Singapore Insurers
  • GLM rating models for many large Motor insurers in South East Asia

Capital Modeling

Our consultants have been involved in the development and implementation of Risk Based Capital (RBC) across Asia Pacific and have a thorough understanding of the workings of each country's framework as well as the overall concept of RBC. Apart from being heavily involved in the various RBC developments and assignments throughout the region, JPWALL is also experienced in the building of Dynamic Financial Analysis (DFA) models using stochastic simulation techniques to estimate an insurer's optimal capital levels.

Our consultants experience includes the completion of the following:

  • Building Stress Testing models in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
  • Building DFA models to optimise proposed reinsurance arrangements
  • Building DFA models to test future solvency under a range of capital scenarios
  • Building DFA models to calculate Expected return, Probability of loss and Probability of ruin
  • Building Internal Capital Target models to support target internal capital adequacy ratios

Reinsurance Optimisation

Our consultants are experienced in assessing an insurer's optimal level of reinsurance cover using sophisticated modelling tools (such as DFA) as well as industry benchmarks and traditional retention analysis techniques.

Our consultants experience includes:

  • Analysing insurer's businesses using scenario and retention analysis techniques
  • Estimating profitability and recommending optimal reinsurance structures
  • Performing cost benefit analyses on proportional and non-proportional programmes